The Pointe | Sayreville, NJ

The Pointe at Sayreville is situated in the heart of the New York Metro market on over 400 acres of waterfront land with 25 lanes of traffic directing over 400,000 vehicles per day through the site. It has exceptional access for consumers and residents with its own exit off of the Garden State Parkway (Exit 125) and 12 on/off ramps from the Garden State Parkway, Route 9 and Route 35 providing direct access to the site. The Pointe will serve as the most significant waterfront retail, entertainment experience available anywhere in the Northeastern United States.


The next iconic retail center in the United States

Retail development, entertainment venues, waterfront dining, hotels, office space, and upscale residences.

Take the best of New Jersey. Add the buying power and prestige of New York, and the busiest intersection in the Northeast. Now add a premier retail development, entertainment venues, waterfront dining, hotels, office space, and upscale residences, unlike any place in the City…

Welcome to The Pointe at Sayreville, a 6 million square foot mixed-use development. The Pointe will be a true destination experience with local and international allure and a straight-forward approach that capitalizes on a large, affluent market, with a $3 billion retail sales gap. Featuring a product mix that focuses on maximizing sales, The Pointe will provide a cosmopolitan town and country lifestyle scene in the very heart of a thriving city.

A vibrant destination poised to infuse Sayreville, New Jersey with style and verve, The Pointe will be home to 711,000 square feet of off-price and full price marketplace shopping opening in the Summer of 2017. The Pointe will feature an additional 1.7 million square feet of customizable spaces including retail, dining, street-side cafes and entertainment venues, 750,000 square feet of state-of-the-art, creative office spaces, 2,000 luxury residential units, 1,000 luxury furnished hotel suites and an appealing 250 room limited service hotel. This is your opportunity to become part of a revolutionary and iconic change: The Pointe at Sayreville.


711,000 SF Marketplace with Bass Pro Shops Opening Summer 2017
1.7 Million SF of future retail space
Waterfront Entertainment
2,000 Luxury Apartments
1,000 Luxury Furnished Hotel Suites
A 250 Room Limited Service Hotel
750,000 Square Feet of Trophy Office Space
2 Luxury Marinas

Digital Signage and Advertising

With the ability to incorporate vivid, four-color display L.E.D., The Pointe raises the standard in generating sales through electronic media with a spectacular digital signage package that is larger and more exciting than Times Square.

The viral affect from the diverse clientele viewing the ever-present digital signage as they commute by The Point has the potential to reach 5.6 million people per day and drive consumers to shop via e-, m-, off-price, and in-store channels.

In addition to this unrivaled viewership and brand exposure to shoppers and contractors, the signage at The Pointe will serve a dual function: advertising and digital showrooms.